Personal goals for 2024

In company in which I work now, we use OKRs to define our goals for upcoming quarters or years. I like it because it both shows what we want to achieve and why. For next year I defined three objectives that I want to strive for and so they are.

Objective 1: To become successfull software developer

I'm rather satisfied with my current career, but world is rapidly changing, especially when it comes to AI development. I don't think that AI will cause that software developers become redundant, but it means that our work will require better skills that now. Therefore I would like to gain skills that will help me to stand out on the job marker.

Key results:

Objective 2: To stay healthy and fit

As software developer it's not unusual that I sit in front of a desk 8 hours a day or more. I also don't like sports nor have I people to play with. I like sweets and fast foods. All of that results in slight abdominal obesity, general overweight, bad shape and poor condition. I don't wait for 2024 to work with it, since mid October I already lost more than 10 kg of weight, but it's only the beginning.

Key results:

Objective 3: To further develop passions

List of topic that interests me grows each year, but it's a part of me and it's not bad that I have broad knowladge on many things (yet not that deep). I don't want to become professional in the areas below, but I want to perform at least a bit better.

Key results:


I think my plans are not so unrealistic, but they are definitely ambitious. I will check at the end of the 2024 if they had been completed.

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