OverTheWire's Bandit solved

I've just solved all of the tasks from Bandit. It seems that I'm not that bad at Linux and bash, although I admit that exercises are not too hard. There was one task that I had need more help (pun intended), overall it was good opportunity to recall some stuff. On the other hand I've learnt more from CmdChallenge and I will try to finish it one more time.

It's great place for beginners. If you don't know this site, go try yourself. No registration needed, only SSH console is required. Topics covered: Linux, shell, git, find, grep.

For those who look for password: it's not funny to just login to another account, it's the solution that matters. Besides, from what I know passwords are rotated from time to time, so there's no sense to paste them here.

Tags: programming  education  linux